Pachacamac + Barranco and Chorrillos

Pachacamac + Barranco and Chorrillos

Departures: 9:00 am / 2:00 pm (Tuesday through Sunday) Tour Duration: 3½ hours
Price Adults: US$ 40.00(group service) Children: (3-11) US$ 20.00

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We begin our tour in Barranco, Lima’s most bohemian suburb and the prefered location to enjoy nightlife in Lima. We will see Barranco’s Central Park, its Municipal Library, the traditional Bridge of Sighs, the colonial homes and its famous boulevard. Next, we will head over to Chorrillos, once the most exclusive summer resort in Lima. Nowadays, Chorrillos is the only suburb in Lima that boasts an ecological reserve called “Pantanos de Villa” which we will see on our way to

We will drive down the South Pacific Coast Highway to Pachacamac, the most important ceremonial center in the Peruvian coast during pre-Inca and Inca times. Pilgrims went to this large complex to pay homage to the creator god Pachacamac. Throughout the centuries Pachacamac was occupied by many different Andean civilizations such as the Lima’s, the Wari’s, the Ichma’s and finally by the Inca Empire. However, the Pachacamac Oracle always remained a religious center.
We will see several pyramidal temples and enclosures from different time periods such as the Adobitos Temple (I C. A.D.), the Old Temple (I C. A.D.), the Painted Temple (VIII C. A.D.), a pyramid with a ramp (XIII C. A.D) and the Temple of the Sun (XV C. A.D.). Besides the ruins we will also visit an on-site museum displaying pottery, textiles, shell and stone ornaments, as well as the wooden Pachacamac idol
found during excavations in 1938.
At the end of this tour, you will have a choice to either shop at the Indian Market, the Larcomar Mall or return to your hotel.


Our Services Include:
§ Professional driver and transportation
§ English or Spanish speaking Tour Guide (*)
§ Audio Commentary that recreate the history of Barranco, Chorrillos
and Pachacamac
§ Guided tour of the ruins of Pachacamac
§ Admission tickets
§ Complimentary Water

* Other languages available upon request – additional fees may apply